"Out of the Loop"
Season Survivor: Caribbean
Author User:Just323
Episode Number 2/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Pirate's Booty Has Saved Me
Next I've Formed Enemies With a Best Friend

Out of the Loop is the second episode of Survivor: Caribbean


Reward Challenge: Mazed and Confused
One player retrieves water with a bucket and toss to other players until another bucket in a teeter-totter. Once that bucket is full, it will release a ball. Two players should put the ball in the center of a spinning vertical maze, and use two ropes to spin the maze until the ball is out of it. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and reward.
Reward Comfort and Shelter
1st Place: Pillows, Blankets, Tarp
2nd Place: Tarp
Winner(s): Tobago & Nevis

Immunity Challenge: Leading the Blind
Two member of each tribe would act as a caller while two other blindfolded tribe members would navigate the course to retrieve five items and a flag, eventually working with a second blindfolded tribemate to hoist the items up to the caller's platform. The first two tribes to get all its items to the top of their platform win.
Winner(s):Anegada & Nevis

Previously on SurvivorEdit

  • Cody made a statement to not win rewards, but the people on his tribe disagree with his statement.
  • The Nevis tribe has bonded well, after Milly and Nicole have gotten close early in the game.
  • Jessie has an eye on Daniele and Janelle that they could possibly be an alliance.
  • Nevis and Anegada won reward and Gracie and Ken earned themselves Immunity from the Pirate's Booty.
  • At the Immunity challenge, Anegada and Tobago won immunity
  • Bronte was the swing for each pair in Nevis, her choice was aligning with Nicole and Milly sending Vanessa on a 3-2-2. 20 people are left. Who will be voted out, tonight?

Night 3Edit

Nevis TribeEdit

(Nevis tribe are walking back to camp, returning from Tribal Council)

(cries in tears) I never thought, I would see my best friend, Vanessa out of the game first. Ugh, stupid emo Bronte aligning with Nicole and Milly. I have no one in the game now, and it worries me. I have no safety around my neck, all I have too do to save myself now is winning challenges.


(Nicole and Milly celebrate their new ally, Bronte)

Best case for me and Milly right now is this. We have a number on our side, which is Bronte. She may have lost 3 girls trust after that Tribal Council, but I don't care. We have her now and that's what matters most for me and Milly's game. Now, I don't want to go to tribal council because I know that those 3 girls can reel Bronte in and could send on of us home. So now, I need to play the social card.


I wanted to send Nicole or Milly one hundred percent. But then again, the others can take care of her since I'm in no danger whatsoever since I'm sort of aligned with Nicole and Milly and maybe I could work with Moey, Gracie & Julia to get rid of them. I don't know at the moment. I'll figure out what to do If we lose the Immunity challenge, which I highly doubt it.


(Moey, Julia and Gracie were all talking about Bronte being a swing vote and a potential snake)

I don't trust Bronte at all. She says that she wanted to get rid of Nicole or Milly, but I highly doubt it. Bronte is a snake and is playing the innocent card on us. I don't buy whatever emo products that Bronte is selling me. Majority of her words are fake to me. Julia and Gracie could agree with me on this one 100%. I hope we lose the immunity challenge so we can send that emo snake home.


Day 4Edit

Anegada TribeEdit

(Cuan, Cody, Ken & Adam were all getting water to boil rice and they started talking about strategy)

As th\e guys are getting along doing some stuff we need to survive. Mister Cody the one who made that stupid speech about not winning rewards. Now, he wants to form an alliance and with his loud a** voice says to do whatever he says? What the hell! I know Cody is playing the "leader" role of the tribe. But this is just stupid. His putting a big target on his back by doing that and now I'm apart of it. Danny, Malik and Mitch every right to target us right now.


I'm a leader of the guys tribe, I have every right to say what's on my mind at all times. I think some people already hate me because of that. I don't really mind that because I can't be that one likable person on the tribe and the game. But when you say too much information, I know that I'm screwed. I hope that we win challenges and as of now, continue as the leader but play the strategic part under the radar.


Cody really? Look, his a great guy, but his dumb in the strategic part of the game. I just hope that he learns that mistake. I like him as a person and I want to align with him for sure. But the way he said that information is stupid. Saying it outloud? Man, this guy (laugh) worse than some survivors I'll say.


(Danny hears Cody talking about Malik and Mitch and walks away after Cody sees him)

I heard Cody talking his lips with all the information I need too get him out later on in the game. I don't want to get him out this early, simply because we need a leader of the tribe too the tribe in unity. Losing the challenge wouldn't be a problem since were all strong apparently. So If we lose in the reward challenge then that's fine. It helps Cody not getting pissed off at least.


Tobago TribeEdit

(Jessie rallied everyone but Janelle & Daniele a plan to get rid of them, but some of them don't agree)

Janelle and Daniele are both threats in the game. I want to take them out as quickly as possible before they started to start some havoc in this tribe. Do the rest of the tribe agree? Not really the expression I want to see on their faces. Some of them are just day dreaming while James is the only person who supports it. Will is a wild card for me. Simply because he could backstab anyone and have no blood on his hands. I have to watch him out. Other than that, everyone else I'm okay with.


Do I agree with Jessie? I'm 50/50. I know Jessie wants to get rid of Daniele and Janelle, but at this point. Taking them out wouldn't be a good idea. James, Becky, Amber are legit not agreeing to Jessie, and James likes making big moves. Jessie wants to make one WAY too early, I should tell this to them, but then again why should I? I'm filed with circuitry and wires inside of me. I should shut up about it though.


(Janelle pulls Becky and tells her what Jessie said, Becky said a lie, but Janelle notices Becky lied to her)

Janelle telling me everything is the last thing I want. I'm out of the loop at the moment, I don't know what's going on right now. But Jessie seems clear he wants Dani and Janie out. I only came her to play under the radar without any enemies. I hope Janelle can buys my lies that I'm selling to her since my strategy is now out of the window.


Becky, Becky, Becky. I'm a legend in Big Brother. I know where I scent a lie when I hear one from their mouths. Becky tries to avoid being in the situation and tries to get out of it. Well, I know that Jessie has Becky 100%, I need her gone and I want to get rid of Jessie's troops to get me out. Getting him out right now isn't really smart, since he can just get us back easily. I don't want that too happen. I need to talk to Danielle right now and tell her that she's in danger.


(Janelle tells Daniele about Jessie and she isn't worried about him)

Jessie doesn't worry me one bit. He wants one of us out since Day 1 and I know it. He can't make it far than me and Janelle in Big Brother. I know he can get allies quickly, but can he make it far in the game? Probably not. Taking him out seems like a best choice right now, so he won't expect it at all.


Day 5Edit

Reward Challenge: Mazed and Confused
Finish Tribe Water Only Water & Maze Sit-Outs
1st Place Tobago AmberCarribeanDanieleCarribeanJamesCarribean
Amber, Daniele, James
Becky, Janelle, Jessie
2nd Place Nevis NicoleCarribeanJuliaCarribeanMoeyCarribean
Nicole, Julia, Moey
Bronte, Gracie, Milly
3rd Place Anegada AdamCarribeanDannyCarribeanMitchCarribean
Adam, Danny, Mitch
Cody, Ken, Malik

(Tobago and Nevis won reward and picked Daniele and Moey for the Pirate's Booty. They earned a black pearl, meaning they can pick someone to have a vote against them.)

I won the Black Pearl, this could work for my advantage in this game for me and Janelle and could help us getting rid of Jessie or Jessie's troops if we ever lose the Immunity challenge tomorrow. Jessie will not expect a single clue that we're voting him out after one of his troops are out.


I got the Black Pearl. Interesting that I could have that person with already 1 vote. I need to use this power to myself and use it whenever it's good for my game and it could avoid a tie if necassary.


Day 6Edit

Reward Challenge: Leading the Blind
Placement Tribe Caller Retrievers Pulley Sit-Out(s)
1st Place Anegada CodyCarribeanMalikCarribean
Cody, Malik
Danny, Ken
2nd Place Nevis BronteCarribeanJuliaCarribean
Bronte, Julia
Milly, Nicole
Gracie, Moey
3rd Tobago JanelleCarribeanWillCarribean
Janelle, Will
Amber, Becky
James, Jessie

(Anegada and Nevis have won Immunity sending Tobago to tribal council)

Tobago TribeEdit

(Tobago Tribe return from the challenge and Jessie pulls his troops in, while Daniele and Janelle pulls Amber aside)

Janelle and Daniele pulled me aside and talked about the vote. They wanted Becky out for some reason? I don't know why, I tried to ask them but I got no reason, so in other words. I'm voting for Becky for no reason? I'll vote for them though, simply because I can't stand Jessie and I'm mostly going to flip.


I didn't say anything to Amber about why I wanted Becky out. I didn't because her and Amber are really close and If I tell her about that, she'll go back to Jessie's side and I don't want that to happen at the moment. I need 1 more vote and that sealed Becky's fate in this game. James and Will are my only options but I don't think James will join our side. But Will might do it, even though I don't trust him after BB7, I still need to do what's best for my game.


(Janelle goes over to Will and talks about voting out Becky, but Will is confused on why Janelle wants her out)

I'm so confused on why Janelle wants Becky out of this game. I love her a player in any show, but seriously getting rid someone without a reason seems off to me, I don't know if I should trust Janelle or not. I need to ask Jessie first before anything happens with my vote. I could be a swing here, but I just want to know what will happen in the long run in this game.


(Jessie talks to James, Becky & Amber about voting out Daniele)

I know that Janelle has understand what I said too her, I know I lied infront of her face, I just hope that she doesn't get rid of me because of that reason. I know that I trust Jessie and he wants to make a big move, I want to make a move too and I hope James & Amber vote along with us too, I'm only worried about Will. He could flip on us and join with Janelle. Let's cross my fingers that doesn't happen.


Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council :2
Becky (4 votes)
Amber, Daniele, Janelle, Will
Daniele (3 votes)
Becky, James, Jessie
Voted Off:
Becky Burgess

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(James, Daniele & Becky voting confessionals were not shown)

I'm really sorry, Becky. But, I can't stand Jessie and I'm not falling for him in this game.


Even though Jessie was my target, I'm taking out one of your troops. Sorry, but don't lie to me boo.


Hoping the plan works.


At the end of the day, my vote is towards you. I trust Janelle and Daniele more than Jessie at this point. Sorry, but not sorry.


Final WordsEdit

I'm happy that I played Survivor, very disappointed that I didn't come far as I expected. But, I had a great time and the experience was truly amazing and I would cherish this in my heart for the last of my life, as of everyone else. Enjoy while you are you last!


Still in the RunningEdit