"Pirate's Booty Has Saved Me"
Season Survivor: Caribbean
Author User:Just323
Episode Number 1/15
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Pirate's Booty Has Saved Me is the first episode of Survivor: Caribbean


Reward Challenge: Gatecrasher
Each tribe uses a puzzle log to break through two sets of gates; then, they must turn, pull and push the puzzle log to navigate a maze that is worked into the surface of the log. Once the log is cleared from the maze station, the first tribe to hit a gong at the end of the course wins immunity.
1st Place: Fire in the form of flint + a fire making kit
2nd Place: Fire in the form of flint
Winner: Nevis & Anegada

Immunity Challenge: Wooden Ships
The tribes will swim out to a boat. Once the entire tribe is on board their boat, one person at a time will dive down to retrieve paddles. Once they have all four paddles, they will race to shore, where they will convert their boat to a cart by attaching four wheels. They will then push their boat to the top of the beach. Once at the top, they will have to decide between assembling a puzzle or testing their dexterity by stacking balls while standing on a wobbly beam. The first two tribes to finish win immunity.
Winner: Tobago & Anegada


Day 1Edit

Anegada CampEdit

Well, I didn't expect this too happen. Pirate's Booty? Man that thing could hold a lot of powers that you wouldn't knew! I don't feel like I would need it just yet as majority of the guys on our tribe are super buff and potentially strong in challenges. So, I pitched out this idea to them that, we should win rewards too often.


(Danny was shocked by Cody's pitch)

(shakes his head in disbelief) Okay, first off we had a twist with battle of the sexes and 7 other Big Brother Players getting into the mix. Pirate's Booty was also among the line of twists this season. Then at camp, not even building the shelter yet. Cody tells us to throw every reward challenge? WHAT THE F*CK WHY? It's like throwing everything we need to survive out the window. This guy is nuts and his like 32? I mean come on, I'm 19 and I'm smarter than this guy.


(Meanwhile, Malik becomes the leader of the tribe and assigned everyone on what to do at camp)

After Cody's horrible pitch, someone had to step up as leader. That person happens to be me. I managed to get tribe going and It's doing fine for now I guess. I'm looking for a couple of allies that could help get far in the game. I'm looking at Mitch. I know his older and possible weaker. But that doesn't really matter. He could be honest and that's great for an ally of mine. I don't know who else wants to be my ally, but I'll keep searching.


(Malik and Mitch were talking about Cody's pitch while getting fire wood for the tribe. They talked about strategy and possible forming an alliance)

Honestly, I could align with Malik right now on Day 1. But with the twists going on as of now, I had to align with this guy. He's a leader of the tribe, he can do my dirty work for me without getting any blood on my hands & he could possibly be my final 3 or 2. But with a 21 person cast this might take a while.


Nevis TribeEdit

A full female tribe is literally the best thing for me. I know that the alpha males in Survivor tend to be Jeff's favorite. I want to change that. Right now, these females seem generally nice. No one is making a move just yet. But with the twist in mind, us girls want to win it badly, so we ended up working on our team work at camp to get things quickly.


(Milly, Nicole & Bronte got assigned to find water. They talked while getting their as they quickly clique)

Talking to Milly is legit talking to my best friend. We instantly hit off and I could see her being apart of my alliance. Bronte on the other hand isn't social. She's really quiet and I could get a read on her. I know that Bronte is a goth and they tend too be suicidal. I could change that for her. If Bronte works with me, we could be in control of this tribe.


Nicole is really loud and so is Milly. I can't stand their conversations where they talk about Survivor. We get it, your on it. You don't need to still talk about it even more. I don't really see me aligning with them. But, If I'm considered as a swing vote, I will consider it. But for now, I will act girly with them.


Survivor is amazing so far. Nicole is honestly a cool chick that I would totally be friends with outside of Survivor. I don't know what's Bronte's problem is. I mean she's all black, dark clothing and creepy. I don't know what to think of her. But let's hope that she changes into a girly girl soon. (giggles)


Tobago CampEdit

Big Brother was a great time, while I was in a house. Now, I'm living on an island with other Big Brother players. The guys who are on our tribe are very strong people in their own ways. James is really good socially while Jessie is good physically. If we keep Jessie until a tribe swap. We would be in a alright situation. My problem is that Jessie could win these prize from that box and could be the most powerful player in the game. I have to watch out for him.


(Janelle & Daniele were talking near a tree while the others are building the shelter)

Janelle is an absolute god. She still looks smoking hot for a 36 year old. I want to align with her so badly. Janelle and I could dominate this competition together as a duo. Talking to her now, she's made good points about each and every person here. She's not here to lose, she's here to win it all and redeem herself.


(Jessie sees Daniele and Janelle talking near camp by the tree)

I see 2 girls who are hot of course. Talking nearby camp at a tree. I know something is up too them. They could be allies already, we see them as physical threats in Big Brother. They both could help us along with me to win tribal immunity. My men James and Will could help me get one of them out in the game If I please.


Day 2Edit

Reward Challenge: Gatecrasher
Finish Tribe Competitors
1st Place Nevis BronteCarribeanGracieCarribeanJuliaCarribeanMillyCarribeanMoeyCarribeanNicoleCarribeanVanessaCarribean
Bronte,Gracie,Julia,Milly,Moey,Nicole & Vanessa
2nd Place Anegada AdamCarribeanCuanCarribeanCodyCarribeanDannyCarribeanKenCarribeanMalikCarribeanMitchCarribean
Adam,Cuan,Cody,Danny,Ken,Malik & Mitch
3rd Place Tobago AmberCarribeanBeckyCarribeanDanieleCarribeanJamesCarribeanJanelleCarribeanJessieCarribeanWillCarribean
Amber,Becky,Daniele,James,Janelle,Jessie & Will

(Gracie and Ken did the best for their tribe. They get the first item in the Pirate's Booty. They earned immunity from the first tribal council they encounter)

Winning reward is great, we have a fire kit for crying out loud. Just before the challenge, I heard my name coming up as the vote. It's not a good sign for me. At this point, I hope we win this immunity challenge because I don't want to suffer the first tribal council.


Winning reward wasn't apart of our plan. I just won it by hitting the gong. I know the plan is ruined and Cody will blame me. That's not my fault that I ended up winning. At least we have flint to make fire.


Day 3Edit

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Wooden Ships
Finish Tribe Competitors
1st Place Tobago AmberCarribeanBeckyCarribeanDanieleCarribeanJamesCarribeanJanelleCarribeanJessieCarribeanWillCarribean
Amber,Becky,Daniele,James,Janelle,Jessie & Will
2nd Place Anegada AdamCarribeanCuanCarribeanCodyCarribeanDannyCarribeanKenCarribeanMalikCarribeanMitchCarribean
Adam,Cuan,Cody,Danny,Ken,Malik & Mitch
3rd Place Nevis BronteCarribeanGracieCarribeanJuliaCarribeanMillyCarribeanMoeyCarribeanNicoleCarribeanVanessaCarribean
Bronte,Gracie,Julia,Milly,Moey,Nicole & Vanessa

(Tobago and Anegada ended up winning the challenge sending Nevis to tribal council)

Nevis TribeEdit

Pirate's Booty has saved me this tribal. I know that my name has been thrown around by a couple of girls (cough) Nicole (cough) Milly. I know who I want out. It's Nicole. Milly wouldn't be a massive threat down the line and Nicole would backstab someone in a heartbeat. I know that I have Vanessa on board since we talked about it just a couple hours ago. Now, we need just 2 more votes too seal the deal. I don't know who, but I'm going to find out who.


The past three days has been amazing. I haven't really gotten into a solid friendship with anyone on my tribe to be honest. Instead, I ended up getting an ally, Julia. She seem like a great person to align with. I don't think we will clash anytime soon as I'm speaking this confessional right now. The vote is different than usual. I know that Milly is playing this game hard and could be a big factor later on. Taking out that big factor would be great later on for me and Julia.


Voting a girl out in the first tribal council sucks. The guys are more dominant than we all thought, even the Big Brother Players didn't expect Mitch too be that good in challenges. Vanessa was the weakest in the challenge and taking out the weak means we could win more challenges. I feel bad, but it's for our own good. She was Gracie's buddy and Gracie should've been leaving. Now that she's immune, she's the next person to leave.


After talking to each pair Gracie/Vanessa, Milly/Nicole & Moey/Julia. I know already who to vote with. I'm the first swing vote for the tribe and I'm an outsider since I don't have a person to pair up with, I ended up going to each pair asking them the vote and work my way from there. The vote i cast tonight, is the person going home. I'm sorry to this person, but forgive me later on.


Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1:
Vanessa (3 votes)
Bronte, Milly, Nicole
Nicole (2 votes)
Gracie, Vanessa
Milly (2 votes)
Julia, Moey
Voted Off:
Vanessa Easterling

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Julia, Milly, Nicole & Gracie's voting confessionals were not shown)

I'm voting for you for one simple reason. Mess with Gracie, you mess with the both of us.


As tribal council shows that Nicole and Milly are both aligned with each other. I figured to take you out as soon as possible.


Such a good person who haven't annoyed me yet. I'm voting you out because I was forced to.


Final WordsEdit

Bronte's vote was the reason why I'm out of the game. Whatever made her brain vote with Nicole and Milly, good for her. She'll get a big target on her back because she aligned with the strongest duo in our tribe at the moment and she'll regret almost everything.


Still in the RunningEdit